It’s going to take more than just time.

Time seems like the magical cure, doesn’t it? No matter who I talk to, one of the topics and words of comfort that seems to come up is how this healing process is going to take time. Okay, I’ll buy. Even the shattered widow can wrap her head around that daunting concept.

But I got to thinking about time and all the things that it just can’t do…

-Time can’t make my husband come back.

-Time can never make me understand why this happened.

-Time can’t erase the images that are burned into my memory.

-Time will never be responsible for my internal strength and growth.

-Time won’t look me in the eyes and say, “You can do this” when I wake up unable to get out of bed.

-Time won’t hand me a box of Puffs w/ Lotion and a glass of cabernet when our wedding song comes on the radio for the 4th time in 24 hours.

-Time can’t take away the pain I’ll feel when his Christmas stocking won’t be on the mantle next to mine.

Time can’t fix everything. Time doesn’t heal all. What time does is keep your world moving, even when you so desperately want everything to just stop. Time gives you the ability to make choices on the way you live your life. Time is fleeting, and time is precious. If there is anything I have learned thus far, it’s that time is one thing I don’t want to waste. I’ve been given more time than my sweet Luke, and I owe it to him to use it the way he would want me to.

So, for today, I ask that you all do me (and Luke) one favor: Take time to do something extraordinary. Today. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow is not a guarantee. This thing doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. It can be as simple as playing hopscotch with your five year-old, taking your family out for ice cream, or even just dancing in the kitchen to your favorite song. Just do something today that feeds your soul, and say thank you for the experience.

“You don’t heal with time, you heal with intention.” ( — a fantastic blog, by the way)

I’ll take the intention for $1,000, Alex.

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