Today was a rough one.

Everyday is a rough one. (Is rough even adequate of a word?)

Finalizing a cremation plot is a thing that I imagine adult children do for their elderly parents and grandparents, or something 85 year-olds pick out for them and their spouse to rest in eternity together. It isn’t something I imagined doing today for my 30 year-old late husband (I hate that term, by the way… more on that later).

Luke’s brother is nothing short of amazing. I think so much of him that rarely do I even add the “in-law” formality of our relationship in normal conversation. He’s just my brother, or “bro,” as Luke and I call him. His wife is my twin flame. To me, she’ll never be my brother-in-law’s wife… she’s my sister. We share so much in common that we’ve now come to expect the crazy similarities are just part of fate –right down to our obsession with fresh cilantro, or the way we feel about boxed mashed potatoes. The four of us were truly perfect. There couldn’t have been better double-dates if the world tried! We had more fun in 2 years than most relatives have their whole lives. I’m pretty proud of that, and we know Luke would want us to keep that up (also more on that later).

A plot is a causal sequence of events, the “why” for the things that happen in the story. The plot draws the reader into the character’s lives and helps the reader understand the choices that the characters make.”

The plots of our lives will continue on, though I’m certain we won’t ever understand “why” our sequence of events played out this way. The plot of Luke’s life drew us into each other’s lives in the very best way, and now the plots of our lives will stay connected forever because of that.

The plot of my life was magnified so greatly when Luke came along. He provided the legendary rising action that made up my most treasured memories. The plots of our lives will forever be intertwined. I can take peace in the fact that wherever my life decides to take me, I wouldn’t be there without Luke and I’s plots coming together.

“The causal events of a plot can be thought of as a series of sentences linked by the connector “and so.”

Thanks for the greatest story, honey. I’d give anything to relive it with you.

And so…the plot will continue. For all of us.

**P.S. – Citing my sources about plot seems tiresome. If there was ever a time to just say “I used Google,” can now be it? Thank you for your understanding.

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1 thought on “Plot.

  1. I love that “bro” and “sister” are in your life and ARE your
    life now. What an incredible time you four had, sharing each other w/similarities,
    lots of laughs and great dates!


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